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Wine was the main inspiration for the concept of the Grape Hotel & Restaurant and is never ending essence of its offer. We invite you to our story about wine, showing the wealth of varieties and flavors - everything that makes wine a real passion for so many people.

We love sparkling wines for their uniqueness and variety, that is why many types of them you will find in our wine list. When tasting, you will experience differences between them, capture nuances and constantly discover new aromas and flavors. We dream that these wines  are opened not only on major occasions, but simply to enjoy life every day. They are so important to us that we share education in this topic by organizing sparkling tastings with a sommelier.

Wine blends with our food in one cohesive whole and is the key leitmotif of our restaurant. We want our wines to arouse curiosity, be memorable and accompany all meetings at Grape. The Calendar Wine Ritual is therefore a kind of celebration of the great taste and aroma of wines, but it is also a great opportunity for meetings, both intimate and in a larger group. Information about the wine holidays we celebrate can be found on our social media.

As promoters and wine connoisseurs who tell the story of this unique drink, we are currently working on our own taste. Our bottles are already maturing and soon they will be available for our Guests, as our own wine signature in Grape Hotel & Restaurant offer.

Wine tasting, discussing about wine and spending time together is a very important part of our ritual. We want to share our knowledge and experience to bring you even closer to the world of wines. Working with good sommeliers, we create a wide range of tastings, workshops and trainings. We regularly invite you to our restaurant for our wine events and recommend wine tasting as an additional attraction during the celebrations organized with us.

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